Are you using the BioVer-X 3-Step System Correctly? With Oil-Based Products, Protocol Matters!

The BioVer-X Wrinkle Repair 3-Step System is one of the easiest, fastest and most effective skin care routines available. But the way you use it is just as important as the products themselves. And because these are oil-based products, the way you use it is probably not like anything you've used before. Check out our video to see how to get the most out of your BioVer-X Wrinkle Repair 3-Step System!



  • Hi Alicia, it’s Kristina from K&K Skin Products. I’m so glad you are loving the 3-Step System! You can use the sunscreen over the moisturizer. But I would recommend after applying the moisturizer, adding some water to your face to spread the moisturizer so it will absorb quickly (see the next blog called “The simple trick to get your K&K Products to absorb immediately”. I would recommend a sunscreen with zinc oxide, which is mineral based, doesn’t clog pores and works well. We are working on a moisturizer/sunscreen at the moment and will be sure to update you once it is ready!

    K&K Skin Products
  • Hello ladies!

    I bought this system about 45 days ago and really love it. I am ready to buy it again. I have question though. I need a daily sunscreen. Is it best to use the sunscreen over the moisturizer or under? And do you recommend one in particular?

    Thank you,

    Alicia Kirson

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