Do I have to use BioVer-X forever to maintain my results?

If you are wondering if you will need to use BioVer-X every day forever, the answer is NO!

In fact, it is best not to!!

Our skin in incredibly smart. When we apply BioVer-X (or any active ingredient, like retinol) for months on end, our skin begins to adapt.

That means that the ingredient becomes less effective because we become de-sensitized to it.

So we recommend using BioVer-X for 1 month straight. By then you will have some very noticeable results!

After that, you can alternate each night with our Night Repair Wrinkle Serum. 

This will keep the BioVer-X working at it's maximum power - plus you get the added benefit of stretching this miracle serum out for a longer period of time!

Click here to see the products used for this protocol.

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