Katie Hates Eczema

Katie’s Eczema story


My name is Katie Uilk, the CEO of K&K Skin Products, and this is my story.

I have been making my own serums and oil based products since 2013. I remember in my teens having itchy, dry skin on my legs, arms and hands and even though I was never formally diagnosed I always considered myself to have eczema.  I would scratch my legs so bad they bled and left terrible marks that I was extremely embarrassed about.  I went to the doctors and they would usually prescribe a steroid cream, that only worked slightly.


Fast forward to my 30’s when I moved to Taos, NM and I was pregnant with my first child, trust me, I was tired of being itchy, scratched up and embarrassed.  I started experimenting with different natural oils to treat my own condition. I have to admit that I have made hundreds of variations of products - some of which were epic fails. 


However, my curiosity and determination lead me to finally create products that healed my skin in the way that the steroid cream never could. Not only did my products hydrate and repair my skin, it has helped my children, my family and my friends with their skin care.  In particular, I created the All Natural Body Serum that cleared up the dry itchy skin. My intention is to make awesome, natural & pure products because I truly believe everyone deserves to love their skin. 

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