Oil Cleansing + Exfoliation can change the biology of the skin... and turn back the hands of time!

Oil Cleansing + Exfoliation can change the biology of the skin... and turn back the hands of time!

The skin truly is amazing! New skin cells form at the deepest layers and move towards the surface until they die and flake off. In fact, the top layers of the skin are made of 10-20 layers of dead skin cells!

In babies and toddlers, it only takes around 5 days for the cells to form, move to the surface and flake off. That is why babies skin always looks so fresh, smooth and even.

Teen-agers skin takes around 14 days to go through the cycle. In the 30s and 40s it takes the skin around 30 days. And after the 50s it can take between 45 and 90 days.

BUT, the good news is people can speed up their skin cycle no matter what age they are!

The secret is Oil Cleansing with Exfoliation...

The oils in our Refreshing Facial Cleanser go to the deeper layers of skin and activate anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory genes. This allows the skin to properly make fresh new cells.

Then, when the oils are wiped off the face with a washcloth or exfoliating pad, the top layers of dead skin get removed – and the skin notices. These layers of dead skin are there to protect, so it wants to replace these cells- fast!

The only way it can replace these cells, is to make new cells at the deepest layers - speeding up the skin cycle. 

And more good news… exfoliation doesn’t have to be a long and complex process. It can be as simple as washing with our cotton/bamboo washcloth every night. The protocol for our Refreshing Facial Cleanser has you exfoliate in less than 30 seconds per day!

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