With COVID-19 likely to affect our lives for the near and long term future, masks and other protective facial coverings will likely be utilized more routinely. In addition to feeling hot and stuffy, the friction and rubbing is creating havoc on our skin. Many are seeing acne breakouts, bumps, and scaly skin!  

Here are some tips from K&K and our certified board dermatologist on how to keep your skin healthy while continuing to stay safe.

1.​  Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser after removing your mask: This clears dirt, debris, sweat and other environmental contaminants that are deposited on our skin. We recommend our Refreshing Facial Cleanser.

2.​  Constant friction from everyday use can compromise our skin barrier. After cleansing, a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid and/or ceramides may be helpful. Our Revitalizing Moisturizer can help protect your skin.  

3.  If you are wearing a mask for many hours such a health care worker may need to, having a barrier ointment will be helpful. Zinc oxide or our BioVer-X will help reduce inflammation and help limit oxidative stress that is occurring from wearing a mask.

4.   If you are using a reusable mask be sure to clean it often and look for a cotton based material.

5.  If you are still having concerning skin issues, you should make an appointment with your Dermatologist.


K&K is committed to supporting our customer's ever changing skin care needs.  Stay safe and keep your skin healthy.  



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