Top 4 benefits of oil cleansing with our Refreshing Facial Cleanser

The top 4 benefits of oil cleansing with our Refreshing Facial Cleanser:

  1. Dissolves deep hardened oils that has trapped dirt and



Regular foam cleansers only clean the surface. We

have perfected a formulation with oils that easily

permeate the skin layers where debris gets




  1. Doesn't strip away natural oils


Foam cleansers are designed to wash away oils.

But some oils are good for skin. Our cleanser

washes away dirt and grime, and leaves

behind healthy, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory


  1. Clears Acne


Acne is caused by clogged pores and an imbalance

of skin bacteria and fungus (it's kind of gross but we

all have bacteria and fungus on our skin!). Our

cleanser can unclog pores AND balance the skin's

bacteria and fungus.

  1. Leaves skin feeling refreshed and hydrated


The natural balance of healthy oils left in the skin

after cleansing leaves it feeling moisturized. The

peppermint leaves it feeling refreshed.


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