What!? Wash my face with oil?

Most of our lives, we have been taught to remove oil from our face. But is staying away from oil actually good for our skin? The science says no.
One of the main jobs of the top layer of skin is to keep moisture in. You can think of this top layer as brick and mortar. The bricks of this layer are flat, dead skin cells that are filled with keratin to make them tough. The mortar is composed of oils.
When you wash your face with regular foaming cleansers, they wash away the oils. Even most moisturizers don’t have nearly enough oils to replace those that are washed away.
Without the mortar, the bricks don’t make a very good barrier to keep your skin moisturized! To make matters worse, the cleansing molecules can even get lodged in the top layer, damaging the barrier for hours.
At K&K, our mission is to design oil products to clean, moisturize and rejuvenate your skin without washing away all of its natural healing and protection.