All Natural Body Serum

All Natural Body Serum

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This after shower and bath Body Serum hydrates thirsty skin. This all-inclusive body serum allows your skin to rejuvenate, leaving your skin silky smooth and irresistible. Say goodbye to dull, dry skin and hello to soft luxurious skin you love.

People put a lot of effort into achieving beautiful facial skin for obvious reasons, but how about the rest of the body? It is important that our skin all over the body feels fresh and revitalized.

Putting lotion on after a shower feels wonderful, but often times that moisturized feeling doesn’t last very long. After washing your skin, many of the natural oils have been stripped and washed away. Most lotions have ingredients such as petroleum that sit on top of the skin and form a barrier while at the same time, replenishing your skin with none of the natural oils it lost. 

Our Body Serum contains all natural oils that mimic the skin's own natural oil balance. You just apply the Body Serum directly onto wet skin after a shower or bath. This seals in the moisture leaving you with soft silky skin all day long! 

Instructions for Use:

The body serum is used much differently than regular lotion! You will apply the body serum directly to wet skin to seal in silky moisture. 

  1. Use after bath or shower while skin is still wet;
  2. Place quarter size amount of serum on to palm of hand;
  3. Apply onto entire body, massaging the serum into the skin;
  4. Either pat dry or air dry.

*Please use outside of the shower or bath as oil may make shower/tub slippery

Made with only premium oils and natural ingredients: Golden Jojoba, Sweet Almond, MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil, Argan, Vitamin E, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Soothing Lavender and Coconut Essential Oil