• Crystal Roller and Gua Sha 3-Pack
Crystal Roller and Gua Sha 3-Pack

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Benefits of Crystal Roller and Gua Sha

Did you know your skin has fluid underneath it? 

That's why people always talk about the importance of "hydrating" your skin. But it's not just important to get fluid into your skin…

It's also important to make sure that fluid is circulating to keep your skin looking healthy.

That's where our crystal roller can help. 

It helps circulate the fluid underneath your skin and breaks up any "pockets" of fluid that might be stuck. 

This can help reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes…

Promote a brighter, more balanced skin tone…

And even increase collagen production.

It's important to always use an oil or serum with a crystal roller. It helps the roller move smoothly across your skin. And as a side benefit, the roller helps your skin more easily absorb the serum too.

Now the Gua Sha...

It's similar to a crystal roller, because it helps circulate the fluid underneath your skin. While a roller is great for daily maintenance…

You can use a gua sha to "sculpt" your face and accentuate your features.

The gua sha doesn't just help you circulate fluid… it lets you move it toward your lymph nodes for drainage.

The result? 

Within just minutes of using a gua sha, you'll notice your skin looks less puffy and your facial features are more defined.

Our skin can accumulate a lot of fluid, and we don't even realize it. Use K&K's beautiful  Amethyst Crystal Roller and Gua Sha to massage all that extra fluid away! This means you decrease puffiness, making the face look slimmer and sculpted. You start to see results as soon as the first use!  



INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: The goal of the facial massage with both the Crystal Roller and Gua Sha is to move stagnant lymphatic fluid towards the lymphatic drainage points. Start at your chin and glide the crystal tool along your jawline towards your ear. Continue moving up the face in an upwards and outward direction from the center of the face. Use on décolleté, neck and face always moving in direction of drainage points. Use the small end of each tool for sensitive areas such as eyes, nose, and lips. Use the larger end for areas such as the décolleté, neck, cheeks, and forehead. Cleanse tools after each use with gentle soap and warm water.

Gentle is the key!. Gentle pressure is all you need to see results. Too much pressure can break capillaries, making the tools less effective. 

*Optional-use with serum


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