• Maintenance and Revitalizing Trial Set
Maintenance and Revitalizing Trial Set

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Our Oil Cleansing Routine Sample set is ideal if you are new to oil cleansing or if you want a travel set of your favorite items!

All your favorites in trial or travel size- Refreshing Facial Cleanser (15ml) Mini Microfiber Washcloth & Night-Repair Wrinkle Serum (1 dram-3.7ml)🌱🌱🌱

Clean your face without drying it out with our Refreshing Facial Cleanser. Which is also a makeup remover, deep cleanser, and moisturizer. Gently exfoliate and remove dirt, grime, dead skin and excess cleanser with the Mini Microfiber Washcloth. And use the Night Repair Wrinkle Serum to reduce fine lines, rejuvenate, and hydrate your skin. It also improves the appearance of dark spots and is a moisturizer that hydrates and protects your skin.   

Ingredients that help: Avocado oil, Rosehip, Peppermint Essential Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, and Soothing Lavender, and Vitamin E. 

How is it different? We use all natural ingredients and premium essential oils. Unique one- of- a- kind formulas that are designed to mimic our own skin oils.  Made for all skin types. Rids inflammation and oxidative stress which helps heal damaged skin. 100% money back guarantee.💯👌🏽

Instructions for use: We recommend that you use the Refreshing Facial Cleanser, Mini Microfiber WashCloth and the Night Repair Wrinkle Serum in the evening which takes less than 3 minutes.  Then go to bed with a clean, moisturized and silky-smooth face, neck and chest. 

Wash your face with our Refreshing Facial Cleanser using only a dropper full, rub cleanser into face, neck and chest region (use one more dropper full if needed). Save makeup for last.  Wet the Mini Microfiber Washcloth, gently exfoliate and wipe cleanser off the entire face, neck and chest. Pat dry.  

Next, use the Night Repair Wrinkle Serum; apply a dropper full to the palm of hand.  Use your finger to apply serum to areas of concern, rubbing into the skin for 15-20 seconds.  After all your areas of concern are treated, use excess serum on the palm of hand and rub into face, neck and chest.  Then add a splash of water to the face to help absorb the serum into the face, neck and chest area. 

All of the products come with step by step instructions to help ensure you are using each one correctly.

😴 Go to bed with a clean & glowing face with our Oil Cleansing Experience.  Go ahead, make the purchase, your skin will thank you!

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