Proudly endorsed by a local dermatologist Suraj G. Reddy, MD, FAAD

Proudly endorsed by a local dermatologist Suraj G. Reddy, MD, FAAD

K&K Skin Products was founded in New Mexico and we are proud to be endorsed by a local board certified dermatologist Suraj G. Reddy, MD, FAAD.   Read his testimonial below: 


My name is Suraj Reddy and I am a board-certified Dermatologist. I have been in practice over 15 years and have seen tens of thousands of patients for a multitude of conditions. I first learned of K&K Skin Products through one of my patients. He wanted me to look into a K&K’s patented ingredient, BioVer-X to see if it would truly be a game changer in the Dermatologic and Cosmetic industry.


As with all products I have come across, I did have a sense of skepticism. However, very quickly I realized the magnitude of research and science that has gone into the development of these products. I read through the research and reviewed the scientific papers that were developed which were performed at a prestigious academic university and the results were remarkable.


The patented product, BioVer-X™️, has 10 years’ worth of scientific evidence demonstrating its anti-inflammatory and superior anti-oxidant properties. I began using the products and witnessed remarkable results in my patients and clients in just a short time. The products have been used for variety of Dermatologic conditions ranging from medical to cosmetic concerns.


The products have been shown to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines as well as to decrease inflammation related to many skin conditions which previously needed prescription strength medications often with more side effects.


K&K have developed a product backed by science that truly differentiates itself from the other products on the market.


Suraj G. Reddy, MD, FAAD



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