Beauty Secrets-Coconut oil vs MCT-Fractionated Coconut Oil

Beauty Secrets-Coconut oil vs MCT-Fractionated Coconut Oil

I love Coconut Oil. But Coconut Oil didn’t always love me back! 

I was making products with pure coconut oil because of its antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties.  I also like that it does not give too greasy of a feeling/residue. However, it made my products solidify. And coconut oil can clog pores of more sensitive skin types.

Imagine having a product that gets solid when it’s just a little cold and liquid when it’s warm.  It tends to make your products ‘funky’, which no one wants! 

So how do you solve this problem? Well, I did some research and talked with some expert formulators and found out that using MCT-Fractionated Coconut Oil was a great solution.

This means that the coconut oil has been purified. All that is left is the Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT).

The great news was that the MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil still has all the amazing properties that I wanted but without solidifying! 

The extra bonus is that the MCT-Fractionated Oil has a lower comedogenic score which means that it won’t clog your pores like Pure Coconut Oil. 

Moral of the story-Coconut oil is great. But for beauty products you may want to consider using MCT-Fractionated if you don’t want your products to solidify or clog your pores. 

That’s what K&K Skin Products does and it was the best decision for our products and our customers!


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