Super Antioxidants

Super Antioxidants

One of the main reasons that K&K Skin products work so well is because of their wide variety of antioxidant ingredients. 

But what exactly are antioxidants? And why are they so important for your skin?


What are free radicals and oxidative stress?  

 To understand why we need antioxidants, you’ll first need to know a bit about free radicals. Free radicals are waste molecules that are produced during the body’s normal metabolic processes such as digestion and breathing. Your body can also make them when exposed to UV rays, pesticides or cigarette smoke.

Free radicals aren’t necessarily harmful all by themselves- they are just natural by-products of being alive!

But the danger occurs when your body is overloaded with so many free radicals that the natural defenses are unable to break them down and remove them. When you have an excessive build-up of free radicals in your body, your cells begin a process of oxidation, also known as oxidative stress.

When you see a sliced apple turning brown and beginning its process of decay, what you are witnessing is a process similar to what oxidative stress does to the cells of your body.  Our bodies have to constantly be working against the free radicals and the processes of decay that they cause.


How free radicals harm your skin

Free radicals are the leading cause of skin-aging. An overload of free radicals in your skin cells can increase inflammation and wrinkling, damage collagen fibers and slow down wound healing. Oxidative stress impairs your skin’s natural ability to regenerate new, healthy cells. When this happens, you may notice the appearance of loose skin, wrinkles, fine lines, blotchy skin tone or acne breakouts.


How Antioxidants Help Your Skin

You’ve probably heard about antioxidants and how they can lower your risks of developing life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. But did you know that they are also essential for maintaining healthy skin? Antioxidants play a crucial role in keeping all the cells in your body healthy and strong, including skin cells.


 What exactly are antioxidants?

Antioxidants – sometimes referred to as “free-radical scavengers” – are miraculous little molecules that break down free radicals. They are amazing because they re-arrange the molecules of the free radicals and turn them into harmless water molecules.  

Your body produces its own antioxidants, and you can also get antioxidants through food or apply them topically. As we age, our bodies produce less and less anti-oxidants. So it is a good idea for skin, and your health in general, to boost your supply of antioxidants.


Which ingredients have antioxidants? 

 Many of K&K’s natural ingredients such as Vitamin E and Almond Oil are packed with antioxidants. That means that they reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boost skin health by breaking down the free radicals. Which is great because these natural ingredients are in every K&K product!

Our BioVer-X™ Enhanced Antioxidant Serum is different though. Our signature ingredient, BioVer-X™  is unique because it is technically not an antioxidant itself. Instead, it goes into your skin, turns on your antioxidant genes, which in turn, makes your body increase its own antioxidants.

So basically, BioVer-X™ is just unleashing your body's skin healing super-powers you have hidden away in your own genes! When you combine K&K’s natural antioxidant ingredients with BioVer-X's™ ability to boost your own antioxidants, it becomes an unstoppable combination that results in radiant skin!


I hope you enjoyed reading about the importance of antioxidants in skincare, and how K&K products unleash the power of antioxidants in a completely unique way!

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