What do Grapes and our Patent Pending BioVer-X™️ Enhanced Antioxidant have in common?

What do Grapes and our Patent Pending BioVer-X™️ Enhanced Antioxidant have in common?

We all know that natural food has incredible benefits and properties. 

Did you know that grapes have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties as well?

The wine industry knows this, which is why when you drink red wine it is good for your health, heart and body.  Now the skin industry is using it in high quality skin products. 

Which is why we are excited to introducing our Patent Pending BioVer-X™️ Enhanced Antioxidant Serum.

Our signature ingredient, BioVer-X™️ is based on the structure of a natural molecule (Resveratrol) that is found in the skin of grapes and red wine.

Comparatively, our ingredient, BioVer-X™️  has up to 10x more anti inflammatory properties and 6x more antioxidant properties than Resveratrol.

The BioVer-X™️ molecule is in a natural oil base that contains high concentrations of additional antioxidants such as Vitamin E.  It also has anti-inflammatory oils, such as Argan Oil. 

When you reduce inflammation and oxidative stress; your skin is able to do what it is designed to do, heal.

BioVer-X™️  Enhanced Antioxidant Serum is most effective when used at night. During the night is when our skin gets a chance to heal. Studies have shown that during sleep, skin healing is accelerated.

But as we age, these amazing healing properties can get blocked by things like aging, pollutants or bad diet. This causes inflammation and oxidative stress, which interfere with your skin’s ability to naturally heal.

Which is why when you remove those barriers we see such incredible transformation to the skin.  We blend botanicals with biotech for remarkable results!

BioVer-X™️  is backed by science with 10 years worth of scientific studies and peer reviews. This patent-pending serum has proven results and a 100% money back guarantee. 

See how a decade worth of research will take a decade off your appearance!

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