K&K’s PGA West Event in Palm Springs Recap Chapters 1-7

K&K’s PGA West Event in Palm Springs Recap Chapters 1-7

K&K Skin Products was invited by the PGA West to present our company K&K Skin Products to their PGA West and Citrus Club community members.  They are on the lookout for innovative health and wellness companies to share with their members and K&K Skin Products was referred to them.  After receiving our products and learning more about our company they invited us to their Health & Wellness event.  We saw a huge opportunity so we accepted the invitation and started getting ready to bring K&K Skin Products to the PGA West in Palm Springs.

Since returning I wanted to take a moment to share with you our experience at the PGA West and how K&K Skin Products took on Palm Springs, CA!

One of the things we have learned from starting a business is that things don't always turn out how you plan them. Plans change all the time and you have to be flexible enough to pivot to the situation, and to adjust and grow. And sometimes, just sometimes it’s the growth and exhilaration that makes the successes even more enjoyable. We absolutely experienced this on our trip. 

The two biggest takeaways from the experience was that K&K Skin Products truly has incredible products that people need and want.  Second, the TEAM behind K&K is truly powerful and everyone is passionate about what they do.

There are 7 Chapters to this story and I hope you read them, they sure do tell a tale...

Chapter 1

There was a slight change from the original plan of TED talks and the event merged with another event scheduled which changed it to a vendor format.  We were now participating in their Sports & Wellness Event which took place outdoors in their sports complex. No big deal, we love vendor fairs because it allows you to talk to each person individually.  We were now outside looking over their sports complex and wow, talk about a view!

Chapter 2

We arrived and had the most gracious host, Patricia, who welcomed us with open arms into her home which was an incredible experience. Her home and dogs Gio & Bella made us feel so comfortable and gave us a personal tour each day of the exclusive PGA West community. We played pickleball and even were able to hit some balls at the driving range.  Needless to say the views, community and accommodations were top notch. 

Chapter 3

We did however have a slight Wrench thrown in right before the event.  Our products…well our products did not arrive as scheduled the night before the event.  Without products, what would we sell?  

That’s when the team stepped up. Calls were made, tracking information was downloaded, post offices were located and a plan was set.  The next day as we set up without the products, we were still determined to make it work…somehow we would figure it out.  As we were setting up, Kristina and Patricia headed to the post office, determined to get the 7 boxes of products that were slowly making their way to us.  We started the show and started selling what we had and by a Christmas miracle, Kristina and Patricia arrived with product boxes in hand just as we ran out of the few products we had.  The timing was poetic and the determination was essential to pulling it off.  

Chapter 4

The event was a SUCCESS!!!

Most important was the success with individuals and the PGA community. People gathered around our table the entire event so Marilyn and Ashley were educating and demonstrating to each person who walked by.  Kristina educated everyone on BioVer-X™️ and I proudly helped each person purchase their K&K Skin Product.  Everyone had a role and we danced so nice with each other because we leaned into everyone’s strength and passion. Patricia was the key to the community and was the reason we were invited to participate in this exclusive event, so we thank her for believing in what we do and we are honored she is part of the K&K team.

At this event, we were able to help people with their skin goals by providing them with products that matched their routine.  We even had customers text the next day saying how their skin already felt different and how luxurious the products were.  I would absolutely call that SUCCESS. 

Chapter 5

The connections that were made were also pivotal.  We met Jonathan who is the Sports Club Director and he spoke about how he would love to see our Zinc Oxide Sunshield Moisturizer help his members who are in the sun all day playing sports. Through those conversations, they requested to purchase our Zinc Oxide Sunshield Moisturizer which we proudly left with them.  So we are looking forward to a possible partnership with the sports club and the PGA pro shop. 

Chapter 6

It takes a team ... .the team of K&K was able to work side by side and make this event a success.  Even better, we were able to team build, discuss our company vision and goals and share gratitude in what we are building.  That was a beautiful experience and also vital to our continued growth.  

Chapter 7

To be continued….We would love to continue the story of PGA and how we fit into the community and where that takes K&K Skin Products.  Thank you for being a part of our story and our journey.  We are who we are because of your continued support of our products.  We truly are honored to be part of your skincare routine. 

With appreciation,


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