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New Mexico TRUE partnership!

New Mexico TRUE partnership!


Hi K&K Fans,

We are proud to announce that we have just been certified as a New Mexico TRUE Brand Partner!

 That means that K&K Skin Products is about as New Mexican as you can get AND proud of it.

 All our products are made 100% in New Mexico with roots that run deep.  Each one of our products was expertly formulated by our NM founders Katie and Kristina, currently manufactured in Taos, with our exclusive patent-pending BioVer-X ingredient that is made by a local Santa Fe company.

 K&K was founded by two sisters-in-law who have lived all over the state- from Taos to Las Cruces to Grants to Albuquerque!  We are proud to call New Mexico home.

 What does this mean for you? It doesn’t matter where you live, we want you to come celebrate with us! 

 Yes, that means you get to join in our NM True celebration! We are celebrating by giving you 20% OFF your entire order by using the discount code:


 We appreciate your business, support and encouragement.  Each accomplishment we achieve is made possible because of customer’s like you!  Thank you for sharing the journey. 


With Gratitude,

Katie and Kristina

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