Don't confuse your oil glands with foam cleanser!

Don't confuse your oil glands with foam cleanser!

Are confused oil glands leading your skin to be dry, oily or combination?

When you wash your face with regular foaming cleansers, their job is to wash away the oils. Even moisturizing cleansers don’t have nearly enough oils to replace those that are washed away. This results in confused oil glands.

In some people it leads to dry, ashy skin and in others it causes the oil-glands to go into overdrive, causing breakouts. In some people, both occur, leading to classic “combination skin”.

We have formulated our Refreshing Facial Cleanser with oils that penetrate into the skin, dissolving dead skin, dirt and grime that foam cleansers can’t reach. The oils then bring the dissolved debris to the surface, allowing you to wipe it all away.

Even better, it doesn’t strip away all of the natural moisture that your skin loves, leaving you with refreshed, clean and perfectly balanced skin.

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