How to tell when you should — and should NOT — use BioVer-X™

How to tell when you should — and should NOT — use BioVer-X™

I know this might sound a little crazy. But there are times when we actually do NOT recommend using BioVer-X™.

I'll explain.

What's interesting about BioVer-X™ is that the molecule itself isn't doing anything special. Instead, it's allowing your own body to do something special: 

It turns on your body's own antioxidant and anti-inflammatory genes… which we think is pretty neat. But here's the thing:

When you consistently expose your body to a substance that turns specific genes on and off… 

After a while, your body automatically adapts to that substance. Eventually, you'll need more and more in order to get the same results.

So when it comes to BioVer-X™, the goal is to never get to the point where your body needs more of it.

Instead, we want to use it wisely, so that every time you use it is just as effective as the first time.

Here's how to do that:

Once you've finished your first bottle of BioVer-X™ — which should take about 45 - 60 days — get a bottle of the Night-Repair Wrinkle Serum and start alternating the two products.

For example:

Use BioVer-X™ on Monday…

Then the Night-Repair Wrinkle Serum on Tuesday…

Then BioVer-X™ again on Wednesday…

And the Night-Repair Wrinkle Serum on Thursday… 

And so on.

That way, you can continue to get amazing results from BioVer-X™… without having to use more and more of it.

If you need to stock up on either of these products…

Click here to get more BioVer-X™.

And click here to get more Night-Repair Wrinkle Serum.

Dr. Kristina Trujillo
Chief Science Officer
K&K Skin Products

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