The Top 3 Skin Care Mistakes That Age Skin

The Top 3 Skin Care Mistakes That Age Skin

It's true... Fresh, glowing skin is possible at any age!


But to achieve this, it is essential to avoid these common mistakes...


     1.  Choosing products with water as an ingredient


When products have water as an ingredient, they need harsh, artificial preservatives to keep them stable and prevent them from going rancid.  These preservatives are usually harsh on our skin making the skin age faster than it needs to.  Find products that are pure, concentrated and that don’t have water. Look for products with natural vitamin E, which is great for the skin and a natural preservative. 


     2.  Not using a washcloth


When the face is washed with cleansers just rinsed off with water, the dead skin, dirt and grime is not removed. This can clog pores and leave a dull residue. A washcloth functions as a soft daily exfoliator. This ensures that dead skin and any leftover dirt or makeup is removed.  Using a washcloth daily helps keep the skin clean, prevents clogged pores and leaves fresh, glowing skin.


     3.  Having a skin routine that is too complicated


A 5 or 10-step skin care routine may sound like a good idea for more youthful skin. But it may be harming more than helping.  When a skin care routine has too many products or steps; it becomes complicated, takes too much time and energy and people are less likely to implement it daily.  Simple, fast & effective is key to keeping your skin youthful because people are more likely to implement the routine daily.  Great skin doesn’t require a lot of products, just products that work.


But don't worry, K&K has a simple solution 


Now's the time to stop making these mistakes and start enjoying youthful glowing skin at any age. 

We have designed a skincare routine that eliminates these common mistakes. It’s called the BioVer-X™ Antioxidant Renewal System It includes the Breakthrough BioVer-X Serum, plus a Refreshing Facial Cleanser and a Day Time Revitalizing Moisturizer. Plus, it comes with a Pure Bamboo Exfoliating Washcloth. 

So give it a try and never make these skin care mistakes again!


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