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40 oz Stainless Steel K&K Tumbler

40 oz Stainless Steel K&K Tumbler

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K&K Skin Products is embracing all aspects of skincare health.

Introducing K&K’s 40 oz Stainless Steel Black Tumbler. Engineered with a double-walled, stainless steel construction, makes for a durable accessory.  This tumbler ensures you get your daily quota of H20 intake. Embrace the easiest, but least utilized secret to radiant skin: consistent hydration. Our chic and functional tumbler not only makes it effortless to keep water on hand but also turns sipping into a style statement.

Water intake is pivotal to skincare health. 

We have to admit that since using the tumbler daily K&K’s entire team has personally witnessed the transformative power of staying hydrated. We’ve significantly increased our water intake, and we love carrying around our stylish K&K branded accessory.  It's not just a tumbler; it's a reminder to nourish your skin with every sip.

Featuring a secure sliding lid and a durable straw, it promises a spill-free experience whether you're on the move or lounging at home. The ergonomic handle and broad opening simplify filling and cleaning, making it a practical accessory for daily use.

Invest in your hydration with our robust and fashionable K&K Tumbler today.


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