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  • BioVer-X Wrinkle Repair - 3 Step Routine
  • BioVer-X Wrinkle Repair - 3 Step Routine
  • BioVer-X Wrinkle Repair - 3 Step Routine
  • BioVer-X Wrinkle Repair - 3 Step Routine
BioVer-X Wrinkle Repair - 3 Step Routine

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The BioVer-X Wrinkle Repair - 3 Step Routine is the MUST have!  Why you ask?

This has everything you need for your new simple and effective skin care routine, while also saving you money. The results are comparable to harsh and invasive treatments.

The BioVer-X Serum contains the Breakthrough BioVer-X ingredient. The Refreshing Facial Cleanser and Revitalizing Moisturizer enhance the effects of the BioVer-X Serum. We even include a FREE premium Bamboo Washcloth!

This collection will last between 45-60 days.




Night Routine (Refreshing Facial Cleanser and BioVer-X Serum)

1. Rub one dropper-full of the Refreshing Facial Cleanser into the entire face and neck region for 20-30 seconds

2. Cleanser can be used as a makeup remover by gently rubbing over eyelashes, lips, etc

3. Wipe face with the wet Bamboo Washcloth in upward circular motions, applying gentle pressure to exfoliate and cleanse

4. Flip washcloth over and repeat upward circular motions gently removing any excess cleanser

5. Rub 3-5 drops of the BioVer-X Serum directly to each area of concern for 20-30 seconds

6. Optional: splash water on face and use the water to spread the Serum over the entire face, neck and chest. Using the water to spread the serum helps results in quicker absorption into the skin.

Morning Routine (Revitalizing Moisturizer)

1. Splash your face with water and wipe with a washcloth if needed

2. Place a couple dabs of Revitalizing Moisturizer onto the skin and rub in (a little goes a long way)

3. Optional: splash face with water to spread out the moisturizer - spreading the moisturizer with water helps to absorb more quickly into the skin.

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